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  • Game Production & Development

  • Career Management for Underrepresented Folks

  • Inclusive Design & Emerging Tech

  • Intersectionality & Culture Change

Perfect Pitch: How to Pitch Your Game to Publishers (Talk + Panel)

2018 Game Developers Conference, Xbox Women in Gaming Rally

February 2018, San Francisco, CA

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CareerQuest: Choice, Consequence, and Compromise in Your (Games) Career

(90-min Talk + Workshop)

2017-2020 Game Developers Conference, IGDA Next Generation Leaders Summit

2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, San Francisco, CA

Track: Career, Post-Mortem
Type: Workshop

In CareerQuest: Choice, Consequence, and Compromise in Your (Games) Career, attendees will be presented with a series of simple thought exercises, aimed at examining the experiences of underrepresented people in the videogame/tech industry. Attendees will leave empowered with new career management tools to navigate a tech industry that remains "overwhelmingly white and overwhelmingly male."

The workshop includes testimonials from industry veterans as well as several real-life examples of choices, consequences, and compromises made and presented as part of a partial product retrospective/post-mortem. People of all identities/backgrounds will benefit from exposure to the discussion. The workshop will also echo the importance of representation in media and discuss the impact of representation that is incomplete or flawed.

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Session hashtag: #KnowMeIncludeMe

Testing Your Workplace Allyship

(90-min Workshop + Roundtable)

2019-2020 Game Developers Conference, IGDA Next Generation Leaders Summit

2019, 2020 San Francisco, CA

Track: Career, Activism
Type: Roundtable, Workshop

In Testing Your Workplace Allyship, attendees will discuss real-world scenarios in which a person from an underrepresented group faced margnalization in the workplace.

The workshop includes frank discussions around racism, sexism, homophobia, and other prejudice. Attendees will leave empowered with new ways to move toward action, to confront prejudice in the moment, and to support marginalized persons in meaningful and powerful ways. This workshop will make you uncomfortable, but that discomfort is key to becoming a better ally.

A Few Things Your Publisher Wishes You Knew (90-min Talk + Q&A)

2018 IGDA Leadership Summit

June 2018, Austin, TX

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One Bad Pitch: How to Successfully Fail when Pitching Your Game (10-min Talk)

2018 Game Developers of Color Expo

June 2018, New York City, NY

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Creating Natural User Interactions for Emerging Technology

Presentation Details:

Speaker, “Creating Natural User Interactions for Emerging Technology,” Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing, October 19-21, 2016, Houston, TX.

Track: Human-Computer Interaction, Technical, Inclusive Design
Contribution Type: Workshop
Forum: 2016 Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing
Links & Press Coverage:

Technology is evolving. Computers have moved from the desktop to the laptop to our pockets and onto our own bodies. We expect more personal interactions from our devices, but we understand them less. As this new era of personal computing becomes more ubiquitous, diversity and empathy across design teams is even more crucial.


Through each stage of technology, the way in which we interact with our devices has changed. We have gone from the  impersonal "mouse & keyboard" to "touch & gesture" and now "voice & gaze." With each new input method, development teams are faced with new challenges, seeking to define intuitive interfaces and interaction schemes that cater to the majority of users without alienating the minority.


This workshop uses simple design/thought exercises to demonstrate how emerging technology systems benefit from thoughtful discretion and diversified teams. Attendees will leave with knowledge of basic design methodology, do's and don't's, accessibility considerations, and more.

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