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Shana T Bryant




Devil May Cry HD Collection, 2012

Professional info

I’m a game developer with over 18 years of experience in Production, UX, and Design. I’m a problem solver, a team advocate, and an inclusive design evangelist.

I’ve been on both sides of the production pipeline, as both a Development Producer and in Publishing. I’ve led teams of 5 to 40, collocated and abroad, and I have a unique understanding of what makes teams function and how to drive toward success.

More than goals-driven, I am outcome-driven. I am a mentor and a student, and I love working together with amazing people to release amazing products.

Adept at:

+ Coordinating worldwide Design and Development on multiple AAAA/AAA ($50M+), AA ($20M+), and small-scale titles

+ Recognized for turning trust-deficient teams into trust-centric, high-functioning teams

+ Skillful use of outsourcing and insourcing to keep development efficient and cost-effective


Speaker at Grace Hopper Conference and Game Developers Conference on the topic of Inclusive Design. Industry Contributor to academic publications Diversifying Barbie and Mortal Kombat (2016) and Game Devs & Others (2018).

Highlighted Skills:
Agile / Scrum 
Strategy & Planning
International Business
Product / Project Management
Process Development
P&L Management
Personnel Management & Mentoring
Business Development
Data-Driven Development

Feel free to reach out to me regarding opportunities.

Work experience
Lead External Producer / Senior Producer 2
Crystal Dynamics, Redwood City, CA 
2019 - PRESENT

+ Managing external Development and Production partners on development on triple-i ($5mm to $20mm+) titles + Co-producing internal cinematics team and feature-film length pipelines for AAA/AAAA products

NOTABLE CREDITS: Avengers (PS4/Xbox)

Senior Producer
Take-Two Interactive, Seattle, WA 
2017 - 2019

+ Coordinating worldwide Publishing on multiple triple-I ($5-30M) digital titles
+ Managing strategy, schedule, budget, and resources for 3rd Party Publishing contracts
+ Skillful use of outsourcing and insourcing to keep development efficient and cost-effective

NOTABLE CREDITS: The Outer Worlds (PS4/Xbox/PC), Kerbal Space Program (PS4/Xbox)

Producer, Hardware Incubation (R&D)
Producer, HoloLens Experiences
Microsoft, Redmond, WA 
2015 - 2017

+ Successfully launched multiple first-generation HoloLens Experiences 
+ Pioneered AR/MR design and HCI (human-computer interactions) in the emerging AR/VR enterprise marketplace
+ Research and Development for emerging hardware technologies with long-tail release
+ Coordination of new product storytelling and schedule from experience concept to greenlight 
+ Day-to-day management of 15 to 20 cross-discipline developers

NOTABLE CREDITS: Destination Mars (HoloLens), Skype for HoloLens 




International Business

Japanese Business

Project Management



Certified ScrumMaster

Analytics / Metrics

Data-Driven Development

Games as a Service (GaaS)

Live Ops

Free-to-Play / Freemium Games

Technical Writing



Technical Cert Requirements

Adobe Photoshop

Final Cut Pro

MS Office


Visual Studio

Credits Snapshot

Destination Mars (HoloLens)

Skype for HoloLens (HoloLens)

Remember Me (360, PS3)

DmC Devil May Cry (360, PS3)

Devil May Cry HD Collection (360, PS3)

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City (360, PS3)

Dark Void Zero (iOS, PC, DS)

Dark Void (360, PS3)

Okamiden (DS)

Resident Evil 5 (360, PS3)

TNA iMPACT! (360, PS3)

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (DS)

Unreal Tournament III (360, PS3)

Stranglehold (360, PS3)

Madden NFL (360, PS2, GCN, Xbox)

NCAA Football (PS2, GCN, Xbox)

Fight Night Round 2 (PS2)


Medal of Honor (PS2, Xbox)

Development Platforms



HTC Vive






Current Gen





Previous Gen





2010 - present

2010 - present

Producer / Project Manager
SK Planet, San Francisco, CA
2014 - 2014

+ Design and rollout of studio-wide processes for internal, external, and SDK teams
+ Supervising all 1st and 2nd party development projects, with direct influence on schedule, budget, and scope
+ Day-to-day management of 15 to 20 game developers and Server engineers
+ Coordinating with internal and external stakeholders on KPI measurements and product positioning
+ Defining and establishment of overall product portfolio, brand cohesion, and brand maintenance


NOTABLE CREDITS: YouMeVerse, [Unannounced Projects]

PlayFirst, San Francisco, CA
2012 - 2014

+ Day-to-day management and task scheduling for internal team of 12 to 15 game developers and Tools engineers
+ Coordinating with Marketing / POs to measure Monetization, Reengagement, and Retention KPI performance
+ Driving Production and Live Ops for iOS and Android with simultaneous release every 2-3 weeks
+ Fostering a positive team environment and healthy morale through excellent communication skills


NOTABLE CREDITS: Diner Dash, The Mortal Instruments, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, Deep Sea Deli

Lead Producer
Associate Producer
Capcom USA, San Mateo, CA​
2008 - 2012

+ Coordinating worldwide Design and Development on multiple AAA ($20+M), medium, and small-scale titles
+ Managing schedule, personnel, budget, and resources for 3rd Party Publishing contracts
+ Skillful use of outsourcing and insourcing to keep development efficient and cost-effective
+ Extensive development experience on all major consoles, handheld, mobile, and digital distribution platforms (PSN, XBLA, GFW, GFWL, Steam)
+ Expert knowledge of Platform Technical Requirements for Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, and iOS environments
+ Critical experience working with International Business Partners in key markets, such as Japan, United Kingdom, Poland, and Canada
+ Fostering a positive team environment and healthy morale through excellent communication skills 
+ Building long-term relationships with internal/external Developers, Vendors, Marketing, and Press


NOTABLE CREDITS: Remember Me, Devil May Cry HD Collection, DmC Devil May Cry, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition, Dark Void Zero, Dark Void, Okamiden, Resident Evil 5

+ Global coordination of Technical Standards testing across all Midway projects and studios

+ Designing and maintaining Technical Standards training program for QA and Product Development personnel

+ Partnering with Development and Production teams to design Standards-compliant game systems and UI / UX

NOTABLE CREDITS: TNA iMPACT!, Ultimate Mortal Kombat III, Unreal Tournament III, Stranglehold

Manager of Compliance QA
Technical Standards & UI Engineer
Midway Home Entertainment, San Diego, CA
2006 - 2008

+ Managing a team of up to 40 direct reports, including Senior and Junior QA Analysts
+ Maintaining a database of knowledge to consistent interpretation of standards 
NOTABLE CREDITS: Madden NFL, NCAA Football, Fight Night Round 2, NASCAR, Medal of Honor

QA Platform Manager
QA Tester, Standards Specialist
Electronic Arts - Tiburon (aka EA SPORTS), Orlando, FL
2003 - 2006


University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

B.S. in Computer and Information Sciences, 2002

cPrime, Inc.

​Certified ScrumMaster (CSM Course Graduate), 2013

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